Two days on from the previous update and the sill is finishing (well, not entirely, but i'll grind down the last welds tomorrow morning). The inner sill has a fresh new edge, while the middle sill (stiffener might be the proper term) has been changed (using the rest of the inner sill, as per the other side), and finally the outer sill has been refitted, and fastened properly. Previously it hadn't been welded along the lower edge, probably due to there not really beeing much of a lower edge to weld it onto. Some fabrication and replacement had to be done at the bottom of the front door post. The existing metal there was, well, non-existant. Next up is the front wheel arch, starting with the lower rear of it. Luckily I have a repair panel for it (but I must be careful not to use more than I need of it, as the leftovers are to be used for the rear arch conversion).

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