Well, though you may be thinking "Nick has gone soft, he's obviously put things away for the summer", that hasn't been the case. I've been beavering away every single day! Mostly just little stuff that hasn't merited posting an update (as if any of this stuff does...). The brake lines are done, fuel lines done, exhaust system fitted, cooleant (almost) done. And the engine is in place. Not the engine I had intended to fit though. Turned out that had a problem with clashing valves, but as luck would have it, a friend had a complete Series 3 4.2 going spare. This set me back a week, while I overhauled (read: cleaned and painted) the new engine and moved all the stuff over. It's all in place now though, and ... 2 days away from being fired up. I can't say from which point in time the 2 days are to be calculated from though, as I've been saying much the same for the past 4 weeks.

Once the engine fires though, the plan is pretty much as follows: Repair the doors, fit doors, prep bodywork for paint and make new interior. Sounds pretty easy, right? Just a matter of using plenty of Time, and lots more Money (which is more of a problem than time).

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