Finally I think I can say I'm halfway with the welding... Today saw a final bit

of touch-up on the passenger side, and then I set the car down on 4 wheels and

fitted the tilter to tilt it the other way. This involved moving the car half a metre

sideways, so it was a good thing the steering is fitted and functional. Once the

tilter was in place, I removed the two remaining doors and started digging. I had

hopes that this side would be less work, as the previous owner did start repairing

the car about 23 years ago. He had fixed the rear wheel well and fitted a new sill.

The wheel well looks ok, and will save me time (it's a total bugger to fix), but

the sill wasn't looking too happy. It was only welded on on the upper side, with the

lower side held in place with just a couple of spots. So I cut it off again. This

showed that the middle sill had also had repairs and wasn't looking too nice. So I

cut that off as well. The inner sill doesn't look too bad, but I'll repair it in the

samme way I did the other side. At least I'll know it's fairly neat and strong. I expect to

be able to forge ahead with this side a lot quicker than the other one, as I now have a

lot more experience and have solved most of the little puzzles.

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