Hah, I'm still here! All my faithfull readers (Hi Chris, Justin, Andrew, Jeff and hi Mum!) have been begging for more photos of crusty old Jag parts, and my valiant if lacking attempts at kicking some life back into them.

So, what's been going on since last update? Well, I patched up the doors, making sure to distort them properly so as to create more work with the filler making them straight again. Only one door needed major surgery, where the lower 2-3" were a just a latticework of rust. Didn't come out too bad.

One of the truly fun-filled and easy jobs is taking the doors off, and putting them back on, without any help. Surprisingly heavy, those doors...

Since then it's been bondo, bondo and more bondo. Sanding is a really tedious and time-consuming job, and I've got miles to go yet. And when all is sanded and painted, it's the interior left to do. Interior work is more fun, and a lot quicker to do!

dscf0811_small.jpg dscf0812_small.jpg dscf0813_small.jpg
dscf0814_small.jpg dscf0815_small.jpg dscf0816_small.jpg
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dscf0839_small.jpg dscf0840_small.jpg dscf0886_small.jpg
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