The second set of photos, taken after the car was moved into the workshop. Condition

is now judged to be a bit worse than hoped for. More rust than first seen, and the

engine is frozen solid.

p1010001_small.jpg p1010002_small.jpg p1010003_small.jpg
p1010004_small.jpg p1010005_small.jpg p1010006_small.jpg
p1010007_small.jpg p1010008_small.jpg p1010009_small.jpg
p1010010_small.jpg p1010011_small.jpg p1010012_small.jpg
p1010013_small.jpg p1010014_small.jpg p1010015_small.jpg
p1010016_small.jpg p1010017_small.jpg p1010018_small.jpg
p1010019_small.jpg p1010020_small.jpg p1010021_small.jpg
p1010022_small.jpg p1010023_small.jpg p1010024_small.jpg
p1010025_small.jpg p1010026_small.jpg p1010027_small.jpg
p1010028_small.jpg p1010029_small.jpg p1010030_small.jpg

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