The fifth set of photos. The first sill is almost ready to be closed. The inner sill

has been partially replaced, the middle sill has been replaced, using the remainder

of the inner sill. The rear jacking point is welded in, and the front one just needs

the welding. The power steering conversion has had the final fitting and just needs

to be hooked up to the pump. After the outer sill has been replaced, work will commence

on the front and rear arches, as we work our way round the car. Plenty of rust to cut and

replace! Also shown is the new face that will be welded in. This is a performance variant

supplied by the hot wrenches at Burdospeed way over in Connecticut. Rock on!

upd_001_small.jpg upd_002_small.jpg upd_005_small.jpg
upd_006_small.jpg upd_007_small.jpg upd_008_small.jpg
upd_009_small.jpg upd_010_small.jpg upd_011_small.jpg
upd_012_small.jpg upd_013_small.jpg upd_014_small.jpg

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