This update sees the second half of the face replaced, together with the crossbeam and bumper mount. Had a fair amount of trouble getting the Burdospeed face to fit, but think it turned out ok in the end. Also found the area between the two front halves to be in very poor condition, so replaced most of that. Luckily I had a replacement for the panel that goes along the underside, and the rest was easily fabricated.

Just a couple of small things to finish now, and then it's on to the doors!

dscf0663_small.jpg dscf0664_small.jpg dscf0665_small.jpg
dscf0666_small.jpg dscf0667_small.jpg dscf0668_small.jpg
dscf0669_small.jpg dscf0670_small.jpg dscf0671_small.jpg
dscf0672_small.jpg dscf0673_small.jpg dscf0674_small.jpg
dscf0675_small.jpg dscf0676_small.jpg dscf0677_small.jpg
dscf0678_small.jpg dscf0679_small.jpg

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