Finally some fresh progress has been made. After months of building up the required

gumption, I finally cut half the face off the car. Quite terrifying really, as any

major mistakes would be very very hard to rectify. In the end though, I just did it,

and it went pretty well. Just a bit more welding to do, including welding the crows

feet (foot?) in place, and I'm officially halfway in the welding. If you don't count

the repairs to the doors... One door is pretty much ok, one is really very poor indeed,

and the remaining two are in need of work, but not too bad. The second half of the

welding should move ahead a bit faster, as the PO had already done a few repairs (way

back in 1983), plus now I won't have quite as much headscratching to do. Some of the

old repairs I'll be redoing though.

pc140001_small.jpg pc140002_small.jpg pc140003_small.jpg
pc140004_small.jpg pc140005_small.jpg pc140006_small.jpg
pc140007_small.jpg pc140008_small.jpg pc140009_small.jpg
dscf0537_small.jpg dscf0534_small.jpg dscf0535_small.jpg

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