Just a brief sign of life, from a cloud of bondo dust. Not much left to do on this side of the car, all the major filling appears to be in place. I tried an innovative approach to making the doors and wings flush, by bondoing it all in one go! Just a case of getting the entire side of the car sanded straight, and cut the doors out again. Once the doors are removed (hopefully for the final time, it's a pain to remove and refit them) I can tidy the door openings a bit. Critical eyes will notice that there is plenty of dust on the car, and some unsanded bondo. That's just the way it is here at OSJR. I don't shave too often either :-)

dscf0894_small.jpg dscf0897_small.jpg dscf0898_small.jpg
dscf0899_small.jpg dscf0900_small.jpg dscf0901_small.jpg
dscf0902_small.jpg dscf0903_small.jpg

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