This update sees the finishing off of the rear arch, the repair of the rear valance, some so-so patches to the front arch, and the start of the second face replacement. The rear arch came off almost as well as I'd hoped, and certainly better than the arch on the other side. The rear valance was more work than expected, but again a better and quicker job than the other side. The second face part was previously repaired by the PO, by buliding up most of it in fibreglass bondo. Apart from the problem of getting the contours just right, it wasn't too pretty. The crossbeam had also been repaired previously, but it's a quick job to do it again, properly, so I'm doing that as well.

Just a curiousity, but I posted an update exactly a year ago today. Wonder where I was in the project then?

dscf0640_small.jpg dscf0641_small.jpg dscf0642_small.jpg
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