After a period of summerly inactivity and time spent working on other stuff, I'm now

back to working on the S-type. As circumstances have it, I'm currently without a digital

camera, so to entertain my sole reader, I've dug out some older unshown photos. Theres

a few from when I did a wedding in my friends new 1970 XJ6 this summer. This is a car I

helped him find, and it took a year for the right one to appear. And it's a cracker! The

other photos show the rear valance before and after "making good". The rear valance had

probably the best paint on the entire car, but was of course one massive, inch-thick piece

of bondo. Also a couple of photos showing the "finished" arch and side valance. Current work

is replacing the "face" of the car, including the front crossmember and crows feet.

bil1_small.jpg bil2_small.jpg bil3_small.jpg
bil4_small.jpg bil5_small.jpg bil6_small.jpg
bil7_small.jpg bil8_small.jpg bil9_small.jpg

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