The ninth set of photos. This is all about recreating the rear side valance. It was totally

eaten up by rust, inside and out, so I had to make a guess as to how it should be. An angled

strip was bent into shape for the lower edge, then the inside was cut away, from the inside

(unpleasant job), only to find that it would be hellish to weld from the inside, so the outside

was cut away as well. Through a combination of impatience, poor welding skills and ... well,

lacklustre gumption, the result is as follows. Instead of one large outer panel, I found it

easier to make 10 strips. With some grinding of welds and a skim of filler, it should be good

as new!

upd001_small.jpg upd002_small.jpg upd003_small.jpg
upd004_small.jpg upd005_small.jpg upd006_small.jpg

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