Well, since the last update I've been on the couch for a week with the 'flu, which really

slowed down progress. Lost a few good days of time I could have used to bring the project

even further forward. This means that since the last update, I've really only had 2 days

to spend in the workshop, but progress has been made! The rear of the front arch is now

closed, and just needs a little spot welding on the inside of the edge. The rear arch

conversion is almost completed, again just some spot welding to finish it up. This arch

came out much better than the first, both cosmetically and structurally. Almost makes me

want to go back and redo almost all the work I did last year (note: almost, I want this car

on the road this summer!). Nest up will be the rear valance. This isn't as bad as the one

on the other side, but it's still pretty bad. Reckon it will take an evening or two to have

it done. Also need to do the lower arch areas, where I basically have nothing but the

freestyle work I did on the other side to go by. After that it will be back to the front

arch for some repair bits, then it's facecutting time again!

As a special bonus this time, as so many of my faithful readers have been requesting them

(well, not really, but I had to work it in somehow...), there are a couple of snaps of a lardy chap

in Jaguar coveralls. The chap in question is Mr. Rust, wreaker of havoc, cutter of rusty

metal, and welder of meagre talent.

dscf0593_small.jpg dscf0594_small.jpg dscf0595_small.jpg
dscf0596_small.jpg dscf0597_small.jpg dscf0598_small.jpg
dscf0599_small.jpg dscf0601_small.jpg dscf0604_small.jpg
dscf0606_small.jpg dscf0607_small.jpg dscf0608_small.jpg
dscf0609_small.jpg dscf0610_small.jpg dscf0611_small.jpg
dscf0612_small.jpg dscf0613_small.jpg dscf0614_small.jpg
dscf0615_small.jpg dscf0616_small.jpg dscf0617_small.jpg
dscf0618_small.jpg dscf0619_small.jpg dscf0620_small.jpg
dscf0621_small.jpg dscf0622_small.jpg dscf0623_small.jpg
dscf0624_small.jpg dscf0625_small.jpg dscf0626_small.jpg
dscf0627_small.jpg dscf0628_small.jpg dscf0629_small.jpg
dscf0630_small.jpg dscf0631_small.jpg dscf0632_small.jpg

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